AMBROSIA in the Viva Las Vegas Variety Show

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•✿•••••✿•••••✿•••✿•••••✿ I'M IN VEGAS BABY! (3RD Return Engagement!) •••✿••Ѡho: A м в я σ ѕ ι α •••✿••Ѡhat: Live Vocalist •••✿••Ѡhҽrҽ:in the Viva Las Vegas! Variety Show (Highlife Destinations) •••✿••Ѡhҽn: Saturday, April 16th @ 7PM slt •••✿••Aƚƚιɾҽ: Vegas Chic ↓ ↓ ↓ TICKETS! ↓ ↓ ↓ •••✿•••••✿•••••✿•••••✿•••••✿•••••✿•••••✿•• This is your ticket to Highlife Destinations Live Las Vegas show! Shows are every other Saturday starting March 5th and will feature showgirls, an amazing host, and live acts such as dancers and singers. It will really be a spectacular event! Showtime is 7PM SLT. Once purchased, your name will be added to our list. Landmarks/Teleports will go out between 6:30-6:45PM SLT. Las Vegas is an ADULT sim. We do not allow child avi's. They must be in adult form. Please keep scripts to a MINIMUM. This helps us to provide a lag-free show for everyone. Las Vegas is a private resort destination owned by Highlife Destinations (creators of Timor Isles @ Bali, Winter in New York, Ibiza and The Poconos Ski Resort). Las Vegas features beautiful, themed hotels (and a motel!) tons of sights and attractions, RP add-ons and free activities. •✿•••••✿•••••✿•••✿•••••✿•••••✿•••✿•••••✿•••••✿••

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