East River Community In Second Life Reduces In Size

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Villas of Helvellyn – The East River Community (Island), Helvellyn

It looks like the famous East River Intercontinental Airport (ERIA) and surrounding areas have been abandoned in recent months which is really sad news. All that now remains of East River community is the small Villas of Helvellyn (shown above) which are pretty much empty now. Second Life has lost one of it’s popular and largest Second Life cities.

East River Community (ERC) was founded on 28th April 2008 and is a federation of groups located on the Sansara continent in Second Life. Over the years thousands of residents have visited the city and made happy memories there.

In November 2021 the main landowner for the project left Second Life and the parcels reverted to Linden Lab ownership a few weeks later. Apparently there were no investors to save it. The ERC used to offer art galleries, cafes, public venues, shopping areas, commercial and residential rentals, music concerts, an airport, nautical and community events.

East River is no more.

East River Municipal And the surrounding area has been abandoned to Linden Lab – The area was what little remains of the region.

We've lost one of SL's largest and historical cities.

— 🇺🇦 Nodoka Hanamura (花村のどか) (@NodokaHanamura) March 7, 2022

The north side of the Helvellyn region as of Tuesday 8th March 2022 looking pretty much empty in many areas.

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