Exploring Ashemi – A Japanese-themed Destination

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Exploring is one of my favorite things to do in Second Life. I mean, people can really create wonderful places here. Landscaping skills, I guess? Which is something I really don’t have much of, lol. Anyways, I found this place Ashemi Remarkable on Destination Guide, and I found that place really beautifully designed. I’ve never been to Japan in RL, but this place certainly gives that kind of vibe. Check out the photos :

As you can see, All the buildings, objects, etc are high-quality. It was easy for me to find photogenic spots. I just love this place, I will visit it often. I wish I could make a decent video here, but unfortunately my laptop found that it was a much to heavy of a job – my captures were kind of…well, you can see that I was a bit lagging when I slide my graphic settings up. Well, Ashemi, you are one hell of a sim, I do hope you will still be there when I have enough money to buy myself a decent gaming laptop. If you are, I will make a nice machinima on Ashemi, that’s a promise!

Credits :

Looks : LeLutka EvoX – Avalon | Maitreya – Lara | Heron – Fernanda (Rosatre) | Foxy – Charm

Wardrobe : Blueberry – Ivy Crop Top (Pink) & Ivy Denim Overall (Midnight) | ::ROC:: – Canvas Sneaker (Low) | MULLOY – Cato glasses

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