FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: MCX Radio broadcasting in Second Life

1 month ago 60

Today, a new community radio station began broadcasting to Second Life listeners. MCX radio station operates out of the sim of Rain/128/128/0 The station, which began live streaming online in March of this year, will share 24 hours per day of original programming created by a team of volunteers and hosts. You can plug in MCX Radio into your land with the URL: or you can listen online at Of the power intrinsic to MCX radio, Owner Alpha ( Alpha Resident) said, “we’ve been able to build a station from the ground up that will help the Second Life Community have great music to listen to. The station is running 24/7 and listeners are growing” MCX Radio is looking to add a morning radio show, and several specialized event listings in Second Life. MCX Radio is also owned by OneDelve, the creators of MCX ( The MC Game Hud,


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