Foxcity Challenge 9

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I stumbled upon this challenge on Flickr. I did not know that Foxcity has been doing challenges like this, it’s so exciting! So this time, the Foxcity challenge requires participants to make a photo using their Sinking Sand backdrop – which is stunning by the way – with the theme of “Self Reflection” and submit the photo to the Foxcity Challenge Flickr Group. I bought the backdrop, and a took a peek at the submissions. It’s so scary everyone is so good! LOL.

Anyways I decided to try to join the challenge anyway. I had a hard time finding an idea for my photo. I tried throwing the poses I have and the clothes I have to make a good scene, but I couldn’t find the one that really hits it. But hey, inspiration struck as I was going about my day! So here is the photo I am going to submit to the challenge :

“I gaze upon the mirror and I don’t see myself” – that’s what came to my mind as the idea behind this photo. In order for us to do self-reflection, we need to be brave enough to be vulnerable. Accept what we really are, the good and the bad. So this photo depicts someone who finds it hard to take of her mask to see and accept who she really is. So when she looks at the mirror, she only sees her mask, not her real face. I’ve been in this position quite a lot of time in real life, and it can be really hard to take the mask off. But at the same time it’s suffocating to keep it on at all time. This is the depiction of that state. Have you ever been in this position?

Phew, that was quite emotional. I can totally relate to this state of self-reflection. Tough, but eventually we need to be brave enough to take the mask off. Look at ourselves for what we really are. And when we can accept what’s behind our mask, develop the love we deserve for ourselves, take care of our personal wellbeing…then we can move forward. Well, let’s see if all those emotions can bring me any luck on this challenge, eh? 😉


Featured item : Foxcity for Uber (March 5-25, 2022) – The Sinking Sand backdrop

Looks : Looks : LeLutka EvoX – Avalon | Legacy Meshbody – Perky | Avarosa – Emiko (Rose Kiss) | Velour – Ipanema Body for Legacy – Rose Kiss | Magika – Sierra

Wardrobe : LeCastle – Arab Belly Dancer Outfit | Dahlia – Hamelin (old gacha items – mask, collar, fur, ring, and cane)

Animation: Foxcity – Bento ground sits VOL 1

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