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Come experience the Finest in RP sims!   Authentic Jungle, Desert and Pirates-cove settings provide the ideal locations for extended RP scenarios.

Liberi Isles is set in the 18th Century and based off of both fiction and nonfiction histories of Madagascar during that era. Akanga Island: Liberi Isles is fictionally located off the coast and lost in time which is where the multi-verse RP comes in. The Lore has a fantasy flair to it which incorporates both fact and fiction all in one so that the player can either develop within the created storyline or create their own.

This build is the result of painstaking research on Madagascar regarding their landscapes, wildlife, fauna, insects, and even their people and villages that were around at that time. The result is this highly authentic build.

The Cove is more or less the heart of the Liberi, it serves as the main bridge between the land and sea folk. In a way, because the sim low key touches on the idea of the Multi-verse, it's also a cultural stew pot, exposing characters from various settings to one another to create something new.

Players will love how they can develop their own storylines and incorporate it into either the existing lore or start their own. We are an immersive RP sim and most of our players do para- or semi-para RP. You can use the optional HUD System to complete your character.  You can build, earn in-game funds to trade, and so much more.

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