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There’s no place like home. Yep, especially during a pandemic like this, when most of our time is spent at home, we find ways to make our home as comfortable as possible. In RL, I’ve been living in my house for a long time. So yes, it’s not in perfect shape, but it’s home. In this post, I would like to feature an old product from GOOSE that we can use to decorate our home, called the White Garden Wall. Take a look at this photo I made with my avatar in front of it – feels like I am stepping out of my house!

As you can see, the product contains the white walls, the pillars, the lamp, and the gates. I love that the walls and pillars have 3 options – the one that looks new and the ones with cracks on them. In this photo I used the ones with the paint already cracking and peeling off. I like that it makes the house feels old. If you own a house in SL, or are doing landscaping, I think this product will make your urban/suburbia-themed land or sim looks great!

Also for the “just about to go out” look, I went a little crazy this weekend with the sales *giggles*. I bought a whole outfit (and some more) on super sale at Scandalize and some jewelries at Kibitz. Here are the photos with the details of my look :

Scandalize had some of their outfits on super sale, I took this one and I honestly did not expect to get the shoes as well in the package. So happy I decided to buy it, tee hee! My accessories came from Kibitz, as a part of the Saturday Sale, so it was 75L for each item. I chose the copper version of the necklace and the earrings. I love how they look, but unfortunately the color seems too close to my current skin tone (I had to adjust the brightness of my photo to make them more visible). I think the silver or gold version will look better on my skin tone. Anyways, I am so happy with what I bought, I am so thankful for all those weekend sales!


Featured Items : GOOSE – White Garden Walls

Looks : Looks : LeLutka EvoX – Avalon | Legacy Meshbody – Perky | Avarosa – Emiko (Rose Kiss) | Velour – Ipanema Body for Legacy – Rose Kiss

Wardrobe : Scandalize – Assisy (top, shorts, and boots) | Kibitz – Sonnya Earrings & Necklace | MULLOY – Cato glasses

Additional landscaping & furniture : The Looking Glass | 3D Trees

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