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My new year resolution for 2022? To go back to Second Life and start blogging again. And perhaps a little bit more. And here I am working on my resolution – welcome to my new blog!

I used to be an SL blogger in 2016-2017, but due to RL demands I had to take some time off. After focusing on my RL for a few years, it’s finally time to come back! However I decided to leave my old blog and make a new one instead for a fresh start. And not only am I making a new blog, but I am also making a YouTube channel with the same name – Marilian!

I honestly did not expect I would dive into SL videos, but then I thought, hey, why not just give it a try? If I fail, then I can just continue doing photos and blog right? So I tried. And I really enjoy it! I even put up some kind of setting on my platform to shoot some of my videos. Here check this out :

My blogging/vlogging setting

Anyhoo, I don’t really know yet how I am going to use my videographing skill in the future, I am just hoping I have a better computer and connection to make a better recording tho (sob!) And we shall see what I can do as a vlogger. But first and foremost, I would like to share what I love about Second Life with whoever is reading my blog. This is a wonderful place. These are the things I love about it. Take a look. Who knows, maybe you’ll love them too.

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