Newbrooke Sub Continent Developments – May 2022 Update

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During the past month there has been some new developments on the Newbrooke sub continent. I think probably the most noticeable thing has been the SSP regions highlighted in green up north. The Moles have added a brand new train station in the SSPAllrutti region with brand new railway line tracks going both ways (west and east). Recently the Moles have built a new railway bridge in the SSPBoomp region down south.

Expect more regions to be added in the months ahead full of new homes, rez points, water areas and much more. The Moles have added more Newbrooke Linden Homes along with new areas in green to hang out from SSPThimble Pond Farms to SSPBoomp.

New railway bridge in SSPBoomp

Bellisseria Continent Updates – May 2022

Sakura – Work is still going on to release these new regions. Sojisan NW, Sojisan SW, Sojisan NE and Sojisan SE now have orange squares around them. Release most likely in the next 2-4 weeks at best estimates.

Fantasy – Checks are still being made in the red square regions.

Chalet – Work is still going on in the central and east/south side with new houseboats and new areas still not finished.

I will post June developments next month so stay tuned for that on my blog.

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