Nusantara Beach

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Back in the days before there were mesh in Second Life, there were a group of Indonesian premium users who wanted to build something for the community of locals. So they bought 2 lands next to each other, named them the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia and Nusantara Beach. Nusantara means archipelago – the thousands of islands that makes up the country of Indonesia. These two lands in Second Life were used by the locals for virtual gatherings, learning, and even to celebrate things like the Indonesian Independence Day.

Over the years, the local users got their own lands or left SL and forgot about the Embassy and the beach, so it had been…abandoned for some time. But guess what? They’ve been redecorated now and open for public! Today I would like to show you the beach, which I decorated using wonderful home & garden products from none other than GOOSE. Check out the video :

After years of being abandoned, the land has been reduced to 1024 sqm, so it’s a tiny beach. But it does not stop Nusantara Beach from still looking great and friendly with a lot of spots for hanging out. I used 2 items from GOOSE for the beach : the Victorian Mooring Dock and the Water Swing Island, which fit perfectly for the little beach, making it look elegant and photogenic. If you have a beach-themed land or sim, I think these two products will be great additions! Check out these photos focusing on the products :

GOOSE – Victorian Mooring Dock
GOOSE – Water Swing Island

Now that it’s been redecorated, I hope the locals and other people will stop by the beach and hangout. I know I’ll take my friends here to hangout every once in a while. Will you? Give it a try, maybe you’ll love them too.

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