PaganFest SL 2022 April 8th -10th- A SecondLife Multi Sim Pagan Event

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PaganFest SL is the combined effort of multiple sims and groups to present a weekend full of ritual, Pagan education, art, and fun, and to promote online unity amongst the various Magickal people and communities in the virtual world of Secondlife.

This year's Groups and Sims are Westwytch, Covenstead, Nox Obscura, Rungardvik, Sacred Cauldron, and Wild Moon!

This year's host is Covenstead with a visitor center at their Paganfest Event Platform:



You can access the event calendar directly at:

And you can join the group to keep up with how the event is progressing:

Just type PaganFestSL into group search.


or Ainsley Weatherwax in world.

Thank you so much, we look forward to having you be a part of our event!

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