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You know how we sometimes just feel like doing some outdoor hangout but we don’t have time or energy to actually go camping or something like that? Yep, that’s when we do something like this – throwing what we have at the backyard and just go with it! Featuring more home & garden products from GOOSE, check out what I put together to have an outdoor hangout :

Here I used GOOSE’s Pallets & Mattress Set and Home & Garden Lamps. The Pallets & Mattress Set includes two types of mattress on pallets, pallets that I used as tables there and the wooden walls with lamps you can see in the picture. The mattress has animations for a single avatar, while the bigger one has single, cuddle, and adult animations. Here are some pictures I took on the mattresses:

The animations are, as always, coming from GOOSE’s furnitures, high quality and smooth. I just love the animations that come with the mattresses. And as I mentioned before, I also used some lamps from the Home & Garden Lamps set recently sold at Cosmopolitan Event (the event round has ended by the time this post is published tho). The lamps are just lovely, they added certain accent to the hangout spot. There are 8 lamps in the set in total. Check out these photos of some of the lamps I used :

As you can see I put the lamps on some of the pallets I used as tables – where the foods and beer bottles are. See how they look great on the set. For now I am keeping this set of outdoor hangout in my garden, because I love it so much! Do you?


Featured Items : GOOSE – Lighthouse Lamp

Looks : LeLutka | Legacy Meshbody | Avarosa | Velour | TRUTH

Wardrobe : Blueberry | ISON | Kokoia | MULLOY | VOBE

Additional decoration : Junk Food | What Next

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