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Last time I posted about vacation at the beach. Here comes part 2 of relaxing at the beach! Featuring GOOSE’s Surf Shower! Yep, just a perfect addition to your beach, for the purpose of refreshing after a great day of fun at the beach – and showing off how sexy you look, yep – presenting you an outdoor shower!

Like the lounger, I put the surf shower on Nusantara Beach, you’re all more than welcome to stop by and try it out. As you can see it consists of a shower and a board with sandals, a towel, and some kind of shampoo bottles.

And here you can see what the shower looks like when it’s in use. And yep you can see a glimpse of my butt there. If you click on the faucet, particles of water will fall from the shower. Sit on the shower and you will find a lot of high-quality single and couple animations. Yep, couple animations too. If you get the adult version, you will also get…some steamy hot animations that you can use with your partner, I’m sure you know what I mean *giggles*. I love this surf shower. Great quality, great animations, maybe you’ll love it too?


Featured Items : GOOSE – Surf Shower

Looks : LeLutka | Legacy Meshbody | Avarosa | Velour | Argrace

Wardrobe : Velour

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