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Are you looking for a parcel to rent and call home in Second Life? Want to live in a fun yet quiet community? Then come look at Synergy Island and the land we have for rent. Sunset and sunrise views are available. When you rent here you have full land rights on your parcel, access to our well-equipped game room, bowling alley, shops, and all of the fun events we have here on the island.

Synergy Island is restarted every morning, so lag is minimal. Pricing is on a monthly basis and very reasonable. The standard parcel size is 1245 prims so plenty for whatever you want to do. If you are interested contact Mark Kelly (markr356 resident) for a tour of the available land. Want to see Synergy Island? Attached is a landmark so you can explore the island first.

Parcels and pricing: East Middle parcel - 4080 sqm 1245 prims L$4500 per MONTH NE Corner parcel - 4096 sqm 1250 prims L$4500 per MONTH West inner parcel - 4096 sqm 1250 prims L$4500 per MONTH


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