Scotch & Soda Gallery presents Queen of Burlesque May 29th/ June 12th Encore

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Join the SALACIOUS ladies of Queens of Burlesque for our glamorous VINTAGE BURLESQUE. The Ladies will transport you back in time to where burlesque started with feathers, fun, and a lot of sexiness. Follow the trend of burlesque, as we take you through the tunnel of time.

Raffle drawing following the show.

Thanks to our Sponsor Scotch and Soda Gallery for providing donations for our Raffle Drawings.  

Scotch and Soda Gallery is an Experiential NFT project that showcases established and emerging NFT artists in a mixed reality setting. It's the first virtual reality 3D experiential gallery in Second Life.  The gallery currently has three experiential installations open featuring Dark Pinkup, StarCards, and Ultra Rare. Please feel free to contact Scotch darkheart, for more information. 

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Scotch and Soda Gallery

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