Second Life Premium Plus Delayed Until May 2022

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There was mention last month that the lab would announce something about Second Life Premium Plus by the end of March 2022. The lab had to push out their dates a little bit because the upgrade was “sticky” and they are not exactly sure what it will look like.

Approval has been made which is good news. The lab are still working out the important details currently.

The direction that the lab is going in is that the lab will maintain current review dates and the current billing cycle will stay unchanged. There will be a pro rated charge amount for the rest of the billing cycle (6 month contract etc).

As of today’s web user meeting Premium Plus announcement (target for release) is pushed back by a month meaning sometime in May 2022 according to Reed Linden. The update was made at the start if the meeting.

The announcement will most likely be made in the Second Life official blog within the month or so now. Keep a watch out for it.

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