SeraPride Idol Winner - Mae Anatine takes the stage at Moonlit

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I am the VERY first SeraPride Idol Winner - 1st Place!

I am beyond amazed, thankful, and honored! I cannot believe that this happened. I always believe I have a shot but I'm not "that" good. So, to win this has been such an honor, and to be up on stage with beautifully talented live performers, dancers, and wrestlers. It's such an honor. I was .17 points above the amazing, Luna Phoenix who grabbed 2nd place and totally 110% deserves it! I believe .23 points below her was the beautifully talented Willow Sleydon! Honestly, way to go guys to all the contestants! We put on a show to remember the VERY first SeraPride Idol! ❤ Way to go! Come join us to raise funds for the Rainbow House! They raised over 54,000 L$ before I had to head out! So, make sure you check this woman out at Moonlit Tomorrow! June 19th

How to see Mae at Moonlit: Landmark: Time: 1 PM SLT - 2 PM SLT Dress Code: Formal or Cocktail

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