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The SL Enquirer is proud to announce the HIGHEST PAID EVER Contest in the history of Second Life and all its associated Metaverses across the internet and beyond!

On June 3, 2022 SLE was approached by Shiai regarding a contest he wanted to present to the masses through our news source to air out his dirt to all who would listen and foolishly ask others to contribute. On June 13th, The SL Enquirer declined to post the press release.

According to the notecard passed to us, Mr. Lppon requested that we post the details of this contest:

***** The IF WRONGED 100,000L$ Photo Contest *****

Shiai Ippon has opened his ex-marital home for whores to use and abuse. 

***** Prize money *****

1st place = 100,000L$

2nd place =  25,000L$

3rd place =   10,000L$

***** Details *****

Shiai will be the judge.

So here are quotes from him to explain what he wants, how he wants it, and when he wants them.

Quote 1: "my ex wife was very particular on symbolism of respect: so having street whores use her martial bed with all their most unwashed of johns, would seem an appropriate message"

TRANSLATION: My wife left me for someone else with a better performance record and I’m mad about it.

Quote 2: "the ex wife image has to be in the contest picture" "indeed any splattering of fluids upon the image above the bed  or the sex wall hud by the stairs, will gain added points"

TRANSLATION: OMG I’m just so pissed off I need to do something to feel like I can get my manhood back.

Quote 3: "think of the image that you would be offended to see, with people fucking and your picture on the wall looking down onto your old marital bed of 10 years" "that offense, is the image I want from the bedroom of my house"

TRANSLATION: I miss my ex-wife terribly. All I do is cry in the shower.

Quote 4: "for 100,000L$ I am hoping for some Photoshop work to be added" "pictures should be uploaded to sl" "I want the originals too"

TRANSLATION: I really don’t have this kind of money to throw around but I’m willing to spend whatever it takes to get her back.

Quote 5: "contest ends on 30th June. Then I will need a week or so to announce the winner. The contest will be covered by two prominent SL magazines"

TRANSLATION: Hopefully by the 30th I can plead for her to come back and make this right, but if not I will look for two magazines to post this in even if I have to sell my soul. 

***** End notes *****

Good luck!

Shiai Ippon 

A request was sent out to Jerry Springer and his team of professionals who would normally handle this kind of drama but we have yet to hear back from them. Dr. Phil was on vacation and Steve Wilkos is dealing with his own drama at the moment.

Shiai was not available for further comment but he left this on his profile for all to read: “I come to SL to visit the few that I care for, and to remind myself of the person I would be, were I not who I am.” 

SIDE NOTE CONVERSATION: JUNE 13TH- The Original translation free press release was declined.

[19:36] Lanai Jarrico: I was informed Josh spoke with you already

[21:09] Shiai Ippon (shiai): yes he did. But the reason was vague. Can you please explan why you will not run the story?

[21:14] Lanai Jarrico: Of course, I can explain it further

[21:15] Shiai Ippon (shiai): please go ahead

[21:16] Lanai Jarrico: Regardless of what the circumstance is that has you in revenge mode to the point of using our reputable news source to do your dirty work I am refusing it personally as the CEO.

[21:16] Lanai Jarrico: I'm assuming you are an adult?

[21:17] Shiai Ippon (shiai): excuse me ?

[21:17] Shiai Ippon (shiai): there is no neeed to become personal Lanai

[21:17] Shiai Ippon (shiai): How dare you

[21:17] Lanai Jarrico: SLE is my baby and I will not allow that type of content.

[21:18] Shiai Ippon (shiai): aopologise for being personal, there was no need for that whatsoever.

[21:19] Lanai Jarrico: I agree there was no need for that type of contest. Glad we are on the same page

[21:19] Shiai Ippon (shiai): I seek an apology

[21:20] Lanai Jarrico: Good luck with that

[21:21] Shiai Ippon (shiai): All I needed to know. You describe yourself very well.

[21:21] Shiai Ippon (shiai): Good bye

[21:21] Lanai Jarrico: It was a pleasure

[21:26] Shiai Ippon (shiai): Despite your terrible manner, I will tell you that the contest has altered to be a contest simply about a "porn Shoot" with no reference to anyone else. I shall be happy to promote this "normal" yet highest prize ever in the history of SL contest in other SL magazines

[21:27] Lanai Jarrico: Ill be sure to put in a good word to my media friends for you

[21:29] Shiai Ippon (shiai): And I too, as I speak to others will give them this converation and they will all see the type of person you are.  Oh I doubt your friendships will offset your unprofessional behaviour. Be gone with you tired woman

[21:30] Lanai Jarrico: Have a wonderful night.

In conclusion, This drama-filled fluff material is for entertainment purposes only.  

AITA? Feel free to share your comments below.

-Lanai Jarrico

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