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So we’ve been enjoying the sun of Nusantara Beach on our last 2 posts. This time, I would like to enjoy the evening. I love staring at the ocean at night. Listening to the waves can be very peaceful. So this time I am adding something on the beach to make sure that even in night settings, we can still enjoy the ocean. Presenting you the Lighthouse Lamp from GOOSE!

When I first saw this lamp at GOOSE, I just immediately thought, I HAVE to put one of those at Nusantara Beach. The mini lighthouses are super pretty, and I actually love that they look somewhat rusty. And the lamp is actually quite big, so you can think of it as a garden lamp that fits perfectly on a beach setting. Here you can see me sitting next to it, so you can see the size comparison :

For what it’s worth, my avatar is quite…small, I guess, compared to most of my friends, LOL. I made her around…5 feet 9 inches, thinking that makes her tall (I’m even shorter in RL, okay?). But well, what can I say. The standard in SL is different *giggles*. Anyways, you can resize the lighthouse lamp to the size of your liking, and it will be a really nice addition to any beach setting. I love it. Do you?


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