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When I came back to Second life around the end of December 2021, I was fascinated by what the dance animations look like, with the bento finger movements and all. There are a lot of great dance animation stores in SL now, but one of my absolute favorites has been Paragon Dance Animation. The quality of their dance animations is just AMAZING, I instantly got addicted. So after a while of off time from blogging, taking photos, or making videos – making a dance video sounds like a good idea! Note : QEERA got me to do it. So we gathered 4 of us girls to be on the video. Unfortunately only 3 of us were available at the time though.

So we prepared a backdrop for the video. We used one from Tropix. Then we started the shooting by taking photos and some photos and footage of our avatars – looking sooper badass, I might say – posing using some animations from Sephoria. Here’s the photo :

Mhm, that definitely felt like we were taking a photo for an album cover or something, tee-hee! And then on we went to record the dance moves! We used the dance animations for the song Money by Lisa from Paragon Dance Animations. Aaaaaaand here’s the video result :

I am an absolute beginner in this video making thing in SL, so I could see some things that I can improve here and there – but MAN I am happy with the result. Can’t wait to make another dance video! Special thanks to my dear friends Qeera (Lullaby Kira) and Izzara Dubrovna for dancing with me in this video.


Featuring dance animations from Paragon Dance Animations for the song Money by Lisa

Posing animations : Sephoria – Now I Like That

Backdrop : Tropix – Avignon Street 02

Looks : LeLutka | Legacy Meshbody | Avarosa | Velour | Stealthic | TRUTH | Sintiklia | WarPaint | Sugarose

Wardrobe : Blueberry | Asteria | Bauhaus | Luas | [sYs] | Silvery K

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